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Forms Token

Forms token is a type of fan token. The public can buy their favorite Forms tokens or obtain Forms tokens through donations. It's a unique mining method unique to Forms Token. Forms Token has been steadily issued through donation since its initial issuance. But don't worry. The increasing form of tokens is not a big factor in falling prices. Rather, it is more donated as the number of Forms tokens increases proves Forms popularity.​



Forms Token which is issued in a 1:1 ratio with the value of the Donate amount, will be paid as compensation. Half of the issued Forms tokens will be rewarded to Forms and the rest to our sponsors.


Forms has sponsorship and activity profits. Activity income means most of the profits except sponsorship income. 70% of the activity proceeds are redistributed to token holders as staking rewards.


Forms will continue to increase. Accordingly, we need an exchange that can trade Forms tokens. Before development, we are planning to use the external DEX market.


Forms will debut according to the storyline. Interestingly, there are three big forces in the story. Forms belonging to the forces make their debut one by one and maintain a balance of growth. Other forms will support growth in the power ecosystem.

Q. If Forms quits, what do you do with the token?

A. Tokens will be rebranded as new debut forms.
Or it can be replaced by another form of token airdrop.

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