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Private package sale


CHB Token

2023.09.01 12:00 UTC ~ 2023.10.31 12:00 UTC


Funding scale Minimum to Maximum

CHB Fund Wallet Address




Max  Supply

% of Supply

Goal value

  * Please use USDC only
  * CHB Token will be send your wallet every days, It is         automatically sent to wallet.
  * Once the contract is started, you cannot modify or         cancel the contract in both directions.
  * If a token other than USDC is sent incorrectly, it is           forwarded to the sender address. If there is a delay         in forwarding, please contact                                       

Select Package
Choose Vesting plan

What is the fund raised used for?

The funds raised will be used as a full CEX listing fee. Data on usage fees are transparently disclosed. If the fundraising proceeds successfully.

At the end of the fundraiser, you can find the details of the Vesting Agreement Contact at the link in the Vesting Schedule below. You can check the progress of the fundraising through the link below.

Plan ( Every Day )
6 Months
1 Years
2 Years
Total Resive CHB

Vesting Schedule

CHB Fund Wallet Address


vesting (Lock-up) contract details confirmation

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