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Charactbit Token

Charactbit token (CHB) is used to

refer to the key currency and approximate index of the forms tokens.
Also it is used for the purpose of supplying liquidity to its own DEX market or external DEX market. As a leader of subculture, we strongly believe that our Charactbit will be used in the subculture industry in the blockchain ecosystem.
Charactbit token will act as a standard crypto currency for all industries related to subculture, such as illustration NFT markets.



Token is used to donate the forms. Anyone can cheer for the live broadcast of Forms.

And you can get Form's Token as a reward.

Subculture currency

We hope CHB will be used throughout the subculture industry. We are preparing various services and you can play various games with us.

Staking reward

You can get CHB Token as a reward by staking Forms Token, a fan token you own. The form's activity returns to the staking reward.


 The great advantage of CHB and Forms tokens will form an unusual fandom that cannot be seen in other blockchain ecosystems. As the number of holders increases, pressure on market prices becomes stronger, leading to higher prices. We have worked hard to build a system where the majority of investors and fans can be safe.

When CHB is staking, 70% of Forms advertising and other advertising revenue will be distributed according to the share ratio compared to the total staking. Steaking revenue is paid by CHB Token. At this time, the CHB Token used for distribution is purchased and distributed in the market. This has a positive impact on CHB Token prices.

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