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Our first step toward
building an ecosystem.

Our Services

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One Bit Studios

 OneBit Studio is a synthesis Entertainment company. We are planning to create animations, goods, agencies, and metaverse world. and it's agency for Forms. It supports the formation of the overall culture carried out by the Charactbit project.

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Donation platform

 The Charactbit Project provides a donation platform for Forms on its own. Anybody can sponsor their favorite forms with Solana and Charactbit tokens. Donation messages will be delivered to Forms to participate in live streaming communication while on air.


Forms & Forms Token

 Forms is the name of the streamer belonging to the charactbit project. Forms that has passed the screening will generate individual tokens. The management and operation of tokens are carried out through a community agreement with the Charactbit project, the Forms agency, and community agreement.

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CHB DEX market

 The Charactbit DEX Market is needed for the steadily increasing trading of Foam's Token. When the number of forms is small, you can use the market of other companies, but if the number increases, we need our own.

We plan to configure a market that is convenient to use in connection with the Donation platform which will be well customized by our team.

Easter egg

 The OneBit metaverse is the one that world we're going to create that has a great reward for those looking for "One-Bit".

 If you find One Bit, you will receive 800 million units, which is equivalent to 10% of the Charactbit token.

 Finder will also serve as an important operating member of the Charactbit Project and will be eligible to reign as an emperor in the One-Bit world.


 It won't be easy to find One-Bit, however, wouldn't that process be Exciting? Please look forward to One-Bit Metaverse World, which is full of excitement!

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